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Helm Godfrey
Marlow House
Lloyd's Avenue

As the Chief Investment Manager at Helm Godfrey, Richard is responsible for managing the investment portfolios for Helm Godfrey in conjunction with our external economist. This will include leading tactical allocation and fund changes, liaison with fund managers/houses, advice to Helm Godfrey’s advisers on specific investment queries and producing analysis of all funds that are used or considered with regular updates on Helm Godfrey’s discretionary models.

As Richard has worked closely with the corporate team helping implement employee benefits and group pensions for several years, he will continue to work alongside this department and maintain current corporate relationships. As well as giving pensions and investment advice where required.

Away from the office Richard enjoys a variety of sports, but has a particular interest in Thai boxing which he has been practicing for over 5 years now. He also enjoys travelling, being a former Army Officer he has had plenty of opportunity to explore the world and hopes to continue to do so.