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Helm Godfrey
Marlow House
Lloyd's Avenue

I provide pre & post-retirement planning: during our enjoyable and thought provoking work together I will help you create the retirement that you dream of ; to achieve peace of mind around your financial affairs; address anxieties such as giving up work and learning to rely on your capital/pensions to maintain your future security. I will provide you with an estimate of your cashflow to see the ‘shape’ of your income/expenditure during retirement and spend time discussing your comfort levels around investment ‘losses’ (that will happen on occasions!) to create a portfolio that will minimise your anxieties when markets fall, this way you can see your funds ‘plod along’ and give you the regular income you desire without taking undue risk. The whole process is aimed at helping you achieve a fulfilled and great retirement.

In simple terms I help you identify a retirement that excites you, that you dream of, provides you with happiness, fulfilment, perhaps new challenges……its all about what you want to do; to be; to have. Through financial planning, I then give you the numbers in simple terms that illustrates your freedom to do the things that are in your heart without the concerns of money.

Away from the office I work on my own life goals: to be the best father I can to my daughters Eleanor and Sophie, to be their mentor and help them grow, learn, be happy and content, to lead the lives that they desire; in addition, to support my friends and family and enjoy time with them, playing squash, gym, attending the Le Mans 24 hour race for many years, Formula 1 (one of my goals is to attend a number of F1 races!), bbq’s and beers, wine when feeling a little more cultured!