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Helm Godfrey
Marlow House
Lloyd's Avenue

As technical support, I support the advisers and planners throughout the advice process, from setting up plans and maintaining records to actioning recommendations. Some planning duties are also within the scope of my role, primarily geared towards analysis and reports.

I joined Helm Godfrey after my previous role as a Senior Technical Specialist workplace pensions administrator. I primarily coached colleagues, managed day-to-day resources, and worked on more technical tasks. Although I enjoyed my previous role, I always wanted to develop a career in wealth management as I have a deep passion for finance and find helping others immensely rewarding.

I am qualified with a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and am working towards my Advanced Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. Outside of structured learning, I enjoy developing my knowledge of the financial world through various news and publications.

On the weekend, I’ll often spend quality time with family. Otherwise, I enjoy reading books and listening to lectures on psychology, philosophy, and various other topics.