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Helm Godfrey
Marlow House
Lloyd's Avenue

I have been an adviser for 33 years and would consider myself a “general practitioner” having delivered holistic financial planning since before it was given a name. My career history includes, working in an old fashioned mutual building society, a pension specialist and a firm of accountants.

Over the years I have given advice to members of the House of Lords, leaders in industry and many of those of us who are a little more ordinary.

I place an emphasis on the importance of regularly reviewing your financial plan as the last decade has demonstrated the vagaries of world capital markets and the need to respond to the marked changes in legislation. Often I find that too many rely on a strategy that was appropriate many years ago and are still sticking to the same plan even though the world and legislation is now very different.

Over the years my clients have been kind enough to recognise my commitment to customer service and now my client list has quite a few duplicate surnames as the children whom I used to see running around during the meetings with Mum and Dad have now become clients themselves.

Since the summer of 2013 I have been working with the charity City Gateway helping young adults prepare for their apprenticeships and was awarded the City Gateway Volunteer of the year award in 2015.

I also speak Italian, my sports are snooker and Ju Jitsu but my favorite pastime is spending time with my daughter and nieces, as they all seem to be growing up so fast.