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Your personal life, your family, your career – and your business, if you have one – are all bound to pass through different stages. There will probably be ups and downs, successes as well as setbacks.

At some times you may find yourself building up financial and other assets, and then at other times you may find yourself consolidating or even retrenching. In your working life you are likely to accumulate assets. Later on, you will probably be drawing on them and perhaps even thinking about how best to pass them on to your dependants.

Your financial plan needs to be designed to meet you aims and needs and be sufficiently flexible to cope with new ambitions and circumstances as they arise. At Helm Godfrey we are here to help you navigate these changes.

Whether you’re investing or buying a new home, changing job or retiring, eagerly anticipating a new arrival or considering how to leave your legacy, we’re here to help.

For you and your family

With your financial plan from Helm Godfrey, you should know where you stand – both now and in the future. Providing peace of mind and making the most of your money, your plan will be rooted in your aims and values – striking a balance between financial return and wider aspirations.

For your business

Let us help you design employee benefits that can help attract, motivate and retain the best talent for your business.

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Introducing Business Protection

Why it's important to think about insuring the people who are critical to your business.

Client stories

What our clients say about us

"I paid off the mortgage this morning. All done. Thank you for your help and suggestions."

Financial planning client

"Over the years, we have come to appreciate Simon’s sound advice, pleasant manner and diligence in pursuing matters on our behalf with various fund managers."

Financial planning

Ben has provided well thought out, high quality advice from the first moment I became a client. "Talking through my needs and assessing my views of risk."

Financial Planning

"I have worked extensively with Neil since retiring in 2015, during which time he has diligently helped me manage my finances including but not limited to my pension."

Retirement Planning

“Look just want to say a heartfelt thank you from both of us for all your help over last few months. Susie and Neil I appreciated the updates that you sent out"

Financial Planning

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